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Educational Opportunities

Courtney & Associates invites you to enhance staff education in your facility!

  • MDS 3.0 Guidelines and Strategies
  • Mock Survey including new QIS format and evening shift review
  • Activity Director Correspondence Course - ISDH approved
  • Social Service Designee Correspondence Course - ISDH approved
  • Nurse Consultation
  • MDS Consultation
  • Social Service Consultation
  • Activity Consultation
  • QMRP Reviews/Specialized Population Training
  • Interim Administrator, Nursing, Social Services or Activities
  • Specialized Population
  • QIS Trainings - How to prepare staff and residents
  • Required Dementia Training
  • Department Head Leadership Training
  • Reduce Staff Stress in Long Term Care
  • Resident Rights/Abuse
  • Effective Strategies for Challenging Residents
  • Becoming An Expert Caregiver
  • Successful Resident-Centered Activity Programming
  • Care Planning (“I” Care Plans, personalization)
  • Family Council In-service (for Family Education)

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